States With Low Cost of Living In The United States Of America

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States With Low Cost of Living In The United States of America –The term “cost of living” refers to the aggregate monetary outlay necessary to sustain a given lifestyle, and is most commonly determined by averaging the prices of a large set of products and services needed by a given population. The items and services chosen as indexes can represent either the bare minimum required for health maintenance or the average for a specific income bracket.


Relief payments, social insurance benefits, family allowances, tax exemptions, and minimum wages all depend on an accurate assessment of the cost of living for its recipients. Increases or decreases in the cost of living should be factored into pay discussions. However, because both consumer preferences and product availability evolve, accurate comparisons across periods are challenging.

Index Of The Cost Of Living In The United States.

Researchers gather information on the primary living expenses to calculate a cost of living index that will help to understand the national average cost of living. The BLS reports that the monthly expenditures of the typical American family amount to roughly $5,111. The annual salary is approximately $61,334 at this rate.

It’s important to note that this is merely an estimate and that actual costs may differ by quite a little from state to state; yet, utilizing this figure as a point of reference helps us to better anticipate those differences. A cost of living index takes the national average monthly cost and sets it at 100, rather than making direct dollar-to-dollar comparisons.


The cost of living in each state or in some cases, each city, is added together and then compared to the national average. As an illustration, Hawaii ranks best with a cost of living index score of 193.3. This represents a 93.3% increase above the U.S. average cost of living. Any state with a cost of living index score lower than 100 is regarded to have a lower cost of living than the rest of the country.


States With Low Cost of Living In The United States Of America.


Alabama is a cool place to live because of its mild climate, excellent college football, and affordable cost of living. The state of Alabama boasts a low unemployment rate and excellent educational institutions including the University of Alabama, Auburn University, and Troy University.

Alabama is a fantastic place to call home since it offers a wide variety of opportunities. It features an abundance of cultural attractions, stunning natural scenery, and low housing costs.

Alabama is expected to be a highly desirable place to call home in 2022 due to its relatively inexpensive cost of living in comparison to other states.

The CPI is currently at 87.5.
The minimum wage is well above the cost of living at $21.16 an hour.

Income of $61,091 per home as a whole.
Monthly rent is $883 on average.
Typical cost of childcare: $12,320.



Although Mississippi isn’t as flashy as some other states, but it is one of the cheapest places to call home in the United States.

Over fifty colleges and universities can be found in the state, which is also renowned for its strong feeling of community. After settling down for a while, you won’t even notice the traffic or the pollution, thus Mississippi is a fantastic option and the cheapest state to call home.

the cost of living, 84.9.
Cost of living wage is $21.09.
Average income of a family: $46,511.
Monthly rent averages $851.
Cost of care: around $10,960 per year on average.

West Virginia

West Virginia, the state to which all rural roads eventually go, is among the list with a cost of living index of 90.5. The average price of a single family home in this Appalachian state is just $117,639, making it one of the most cheap areas to buy a home in the country. West Virginia, along with Mississippi, is regularly ranked as one of the cheapest states to live in, despite the fact that it offers competitive home prices and decent amenities.


With a total cost of living index of just 86.8 out of 100, life in the Sooner State is quite cheap. Priced at roughly $124,800, a property here comes with plenty of room for expansion. Oklahoma City, the state capital, is one of the most affordable major cities in the United States, so you’re in luck if you love city life. If you decide to lease instead of buying, a studio will cost you a reasonable $629 per month.

The CPI is currently at 86.8.

Retail Food Price Index: 94.1

Index of Home Expenses: 70.1

The Transportation Expenditure Price Index for May was 91.3.



Tennessee ranks as an affordable state in the country with a score of 89.0. The cost of a single-family home in the state is $230,253, which is actually less than the cost of living in its southern neighborhood. Although the poverty rate is quite high at 13.8%, the unemployment level is still lower than the national average at 3.4%. There is no state income tax in Tennessee, making it an attractive location for those looking to build their careers.

Wage income is exempt from taxation by the state, although poverty is very high, at 13.8 percent.



Although relocating to the least expensive state in the country may seem like a fantastic option for saving money, it is necessary to take into account all of the aspects involved. Find out what kind of earnings and job openings you may expect to find in your desired state. Learn as much as you can about the local real estate market, the options available, and the value you may expect to receive. Take into account the kind of lifestyle you’re interested in leading, as well as the kinds of recreational opportunities and natural attractions you’d want to have close at hand.

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