Kamaru Usman | Nigerian Martial Artist is from which State in Nigeria?

Kamaru Usman, a Nigerian martial artist who measures 1.83 meters tall, was born in Nigeria but moved to Arlington, Texas, with his family when he was a teenager. He is proud of his nickname, the Nigerian Nightmare, which he earned several years ago. Kamaru Usman claims he was born to fight, and on Saturday, the 31-year-old proved it by beating title holder Tyron Woodley at a flagship event in Las Vegas to become the first African Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion.

Who is Kamaru Usman?

Kamaru Usman, the first African wrestler to win an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title, was born in Auchi, Nigeria’s midwestern Edo state, on May 11, 1987. He moved to the United States when he was seven years old and discovered a love for wrestling in high school. While attending the University of Nebraska at Kearney, he won a national championship in 2010. He hasn’t looked back yet, with a record of 14 victories and just one loss in his mixed martial arts (MMA) career.

Usman claims that his upbringing in Nigeria contributed to his steady rise to the top of his sport.

“I remember the streets, I remember having to walk what seemed like miles and miles and miles to fetch water from the wells with my grandmother,” he says.

“When I was really young, I stayed with my grandmother for a year, and even now, when I tell my mother about what happened, she can’t believe I remember so well.

“I remember a lot of it,” says the narrator. I remember the hard work that my family put in only to maintain the lifestyle that we were living, which was far from ideal.

“It was an incredible way to instill those principles in a child.”

Usman, a former champion of the television show The Ultimate Fighter, started wrestling in high school in Texas and remained a top prospect throughout his college career.

He told Sportsworld, “It was kind of time to make a transition and not only be a wrestler any longer, but to be a champion and go make a living for not only myself but my family as well.”

Athletes like Usman have been moving to UFC from other sports due to the competition’s meteoric rise in popularity.

The price of UFC exemplifies the trend: the Fertita brothers purchased the competition for $2 million in 2001. According to Forbes, they sold it to a consortium of companies in 2016 for $4 billion.

Usman is not the only one in his family who is a warrior. Mohammed, his younger brother, is also an MMA heavyweight who has three wins and one loss to his credit.

When Usman isn’t training for fights that will define his future, he takes care of his daughter and drives her to daycare.

He says, “You have to be able to strike a balance [with your family].”

Despite the fact that the odds were stacked against him, Usman fought until the bitter end on Saturday to make history because it’s the only way he knows how.

Nigerian Nightmare

Usman, like many other Nigerian fighters, is known as the “Nigerian Nightmare” and is one of only about five Africans in the UFC. Usman’s rise drew the attention of some high-ranking colleagues, including Dana White, the UFC president, who said in a recent interview, “I was impressed.” I’m telling you, I’m dying to see him take on Woodley right now. I’m interested in seeing the Woodley war. In a post-fight interview with Fox Sports, he said, “That’s what I want.”

In the much-anticipated showdown with American fighter Woodley, he got his wish. In a CNN interview, Usman claims that if he had gotten the chance to fight Woodley in September of last year, he would have been the welterweight champion by now.

Usman was earmarked as a back-up for a clash between Woodley and English challenger Darren Till in America, despite concerns that Till will not be able to compete in the division due to his weight. To prepare for the war, Usman says he went through a rigorous training camp and adhered to a strict diet. Till made weight just a day before his fight with Woodley, which he ultimately lost, but the fight never took place. Usman is upbeat about the experience, despite his disappointment at not getting the chance.

“I believe in fate. I believe in karma. I believe in things like that,’ he says.

“I was ready and fully waiting to take full opportunity of that, but it didn’t happen, so hey, it’s not in God’s plan for me. Maybe God wanted me to get it a certain other way, but I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure that I’m a champion.”

Kamaru Usman becomes first African champion

Kamaru Usman is the first African fighter to win a championship in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He defeated American Tyron Woodley in a mixed-martial-arts (MMA) fight. The boxer known as the “Nigerian Nightmare” dominated the welterweight title fight in Las Vegas.

The UFC is the most common mixed martial arts (MMA) sport, with fighters combining boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and other disciplines in an octagonal ring. Usman put on a career-best display to defeat long-time welterweight champion Woodley.

He stretched his winning streak to 14 fights and kept his UFC unbeaten record. He revealed in his post-match press conference that he had broken his foot the week before and had been walking around in a protective boot. He began the press conference by greeting reporters in Arabic before transitioning to Pidgin.

“Nigeria, I have told them, we would do it, I told them we never fail. And we have done it today,” he said in Pidgin.

Kamaru Usman Wins 2019 Slugfest vs. Colby Covington with 5th-round TKO

Kamaru Usman, the welterweight champion, defended his belt for the first time against former interim champion Colby Covington in the UFC 245 main event on Saturday. It was a squabble between rivals. Months of trash talk preceded Saturday’s title battle between the two men who hate each other.

There was no such thing as a “feeling out” procedure. The two went after each other as soon as the bell rang to start the first round. Usman landed several right hands, while Covington’s left hand landed several times. Usman’s force, on the other hand, was wearing Covington down, and the welterweight was wilting. In the main event of UFC 245 at T-Mobile Arena, Usman dropped Covington with a perfectly positioned straight right and then dropped him a second time before finishing him at 4:10 of the fifth round to retain his title.

Kamaru Usman Wins Welterweight Belt Against Coldby Covington

In the final minute of their main-event bout at UFC 245 in Las Vegas, UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman defeated trash-talking challenger Colby Covington with a dramatic late stoppage. After a tense fight, Usman eventually knocked out Covington in the final round, dropping him twice with two massive punches before forcing referee Marc Goddard to stop the fight with a flurry of ground strikes.

Kamaru Usman Wins Welter Belt Against Colby Convington

The build-up to the fight had been acrimonious, with Covington taunting and threatening Usman for the past year. And, despite the fact that the two had a brawl in the Palms Casino in Las Vegas in March, Usman kept his cool during fight week. Despite this, Covington continued to exchange punches with Usman as the fight neared its exciting conclusion, which ended with Usman winning by TKO with only 50 seconds left.

Usman explained, “I wasn’t concerned about hitting him in particular spots; all I wanted to do was hit him over and over everywhere I could.”

“He spoke a lot leading up to this, so it was a show of respect.” I felt obligated to go in there and teach him a lesson.”



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