How to Use Bamboo, Risevest And Trove
How to Use Bamboo, Risevest And Trove

About Stocks And How To Use Bamboo ,Risevest And Trove To Buy And Sell – WHAT IS STOCK
A stock is a security that represents the ownership of a fraction of a company. This entitles the stockholder or shareholder to some part of the corporation’s assets and profits equal to how much stock company own. Stock market is a marketplace for investors to buy and sell such investable assets.

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Investing in stocks offers investors some benefits like “earning on income through diversification”, “diversification of an investment portfolio” and “becoming a stake holder in foreign and global corporations “. The stock market is a public markets for issuing, purchasing, and selling stocks that is traded on a stock exchange.

Nevertheless, most countries have one stock exchange, there can be more than one stock exchange in a particular country.


 Download the Bamboo app either the android or the iOS and install it.
 Create an account on the Bamboo app
 Fund your wallet. You can fund your wallet through Nigeria bank transfer, wire transfer and barter and through flutterwave. The minimum amount you can fund is $20, it takes about 1 to 2 business days for the funds to be deposited in the Bamboo.
 Buy stocks: After funding your account, you can then select the corporation you want to buy stocks from, select your funding option of choice, and input the details of your order, click on review order and then tap on buy.

• Download the app on google or ios play store.
• Fill out an account opening form by entering personal information. Such as your email, First name, etc.
• Fill your Investment profile by choosing your investment goal and Investment experience.
• Then complete your profile by filling in your personal information like;
• Personal Information including Birth year, Gender, Marital status & BVN.
• Nationality & Residential Information, Occupation & Next of Kin
• Bank account details, Upload required Documents.
• After filling out the necessary information. Trove will review your account application. After the review you would either:
• receive a confirmatory email stating that your account has been approved.
• After then, you can fund your trove wallet and you can start investing. This could take anywhere between 3-5 business days.

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Rise vest securities and Exchange Commission registered both in U.S and Nigeria. Thus, the two – factor authentication to protect all Risevest users accounts.

Download the Rise App for either for iOS or android.
• Low capital is required for funding of your Rise account.
• Documents are needed: your utility bill and government issued ID and some basic personal information like  phone number, email address and bank account information, etc.
• Option of payment: you either have a Visa and Verve cards and MasterCard by a Nigerian bank.
• Holding period: you can choose to be on a longer investment durations.
• Investment monitoring: Risevest allows investors track returns on investment purchased through the Rise vest App.
• Withdrawal: same day withdrawal.


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