How to sell used items online through Facebook Marketplace

How to sell used items online through Facebook Marketplace – It may have seemed strange to purchase items on Facebook less than a decade ago. That was the purpose of eBay and Craigslist, correct? Nonetheless, when Facebook Marketplace launched in 2016, it quickly established itself as a viable option for both buyers and sellers.

Facebook’s foray into online shopping is timely. On the platform, users were already creating and joining buy-and-sell groups. Facebook has just confirmed it.

You can buy and sell items within your community on Facebook Marketplace. If you are a merchant based in the United States, you can sell throughout the continental United States.

Unlike Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace allows sellers and buyers to create public profiles and ratings. The ratings, which are visible on both the Android and iOS versions of the Facebook app, reassure both parties about their transactions.

How to Sell Used Items Marketplace








You can communicate with prospective customers via Facebook Messenger. While Facebook Pay streamlines the payment process, you are still free to use alternative payment methods such as cash or PayPal.

On Facebook Marketplace, you can sell anything, from cars to televisions to ice skates — new or used. You can even advertise a rental property!

And, because Facebook is free to join and does not charge seller fees, it is an ideal platform for anyone interested in starting a profitable online business.

How do I sell used items on Facebook Marketplace?

The first step is to create an item listing for your sale. Here’s how to do it with the Facebook iOS app:

From the main menu, select Facebook Marketplace and then click the Sell button at the top of the Marketplace menu.

This will prompt you to select one of four listing types: items, vehicles, houses for sale or rent, or jobs.

Create New Listing on Facebook Marketplace














Following that, upload a photo of the product, a title, a price, a category, a condition, a location, and a description. If you’d prefer not to interact with the buyer, you can arrange for a no-contact pickup.

Once you’ve entered all of the required information, click Next and then Publish to publish your listing. It will be visible to everyone — both on and off Facebook. (If you prefer, you can choose to hide the listing from your Facebook friends.)

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