How to Know a Fake Profile on the Facebook Dating

How to Know a Fake Profile

In Western cultures, dating is a stage of interpersonal relationships in which two individuals interact socially to decide the other’s suitability as a potential partner in a possible sexual relationship. It’s a form of courtship that involves the pair participating in social events, either alone or with others. With respect to this, a lot people often times put up fake profile with the mindset to mislead or defraud other people in the course of looking out to dating or meeting other people online. This article tries to explain how to know a fake profile on the Facebook dating platform. Which is one the widest used Social media platform with over a billion active users.

How to Know a Fake Profile On the Dating Platform

First Impressions

A glance at a profile will show a great deal right away. Always bear in mind that if a profile seems to be too good to be true (such as a drop-dead gorgeous international dignitary looking for someone to sail the globe on his or her dime), it most definitely is.

Lack of Photos

If the profile contains only one or two images — or if the photos appear to be generic stock photos (of people smiling at the camera), this could be a red flag that the profile is not authentic. Stealing images from other people’s social media accounts is not complex. An abundance of photos does not necessarily indicate a genuine profile; however, a lack of pictures or one or two generic images means a fake profile.

Lack of Information

A profile with just a couple of photos and the bare minimum of details could have been created by someone who isn’t particularly willing to put their best foot forward and wants to get their profile up and running so they can begin messaging people. It’s a sign of either pretending to be someone they are not or who is too lazy to make an effort to meet someone.

Check the Photo

Click and drag the picture through a Google image search, a trick popularized by MTV’s Catfish show. This will display any other websites that use the same image. Pay attention to the specifics if it appears on other websites.

  • Is it used as a stock picture on a commercial website? If this is the case, it was almost certainly copied for the dating profile.
  • Is it listed under a different name on social media profiles? If this is the case, the owner of the dating profile could have copied the photo from the social media page.

Check Social Media Profiles

Conduct a search on social media for the profile’s name. If the dating profile is fraudulent, there will be no social media profile matches. Check multiple platforms; specific individuals tend to avoid those websites. If you do come across some matching social media accounts, check to see how long the profile has been active and how many friends or contacts the person has. A brand-new social media profile with a small number of followers may mean that the profile was created to develop a persona across multiple platforms.

Automated Messages

Some online profiles were developed by humans but are managed by bots; any interaction you have with them will sound a little off and stilted because a computer program is in charge of communicating with you. If you find yourself in an unusual conversation with someone from a dating website, you may be conversing with a computer program.

Non-Personalized Messages

Another way to say in conversation is if you receive generic messages that could quickly be sent to several people without modification; this could mean that a person is chatting with a large number of people from a generated persona rather than seeking out a single person with whom to communicate. Therefore, if messages remain generic, such as “Good morning – go make today the best day!” or similar statements, there is a possibility you are dealing with someone who built a fake profile to communicate with as many people as possible – maybe to scam them or solicit money.

Scam or Shy?

Specific individuals join dating websites to express the purpose of scamming other members by creating a false identity and posing as someone they are not. These scammers entice people into an online relationship and then bring up the need for money to visit them, or how they urgently need money to pay the rent or whatever other emergency, they can conjure up. Others wish to represent something other than themselves because they are dissatisfied with their true self. Indeed, eHarmony reports that more than half of all online dating profiles contain some fabrication. Take online profiles with a grain of salt, and if you establish feelings and want a friendship, insist on a video chat or similar method of verifying a person’s identity.


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