How to Increase the Number of People Talking about Your Brand on Social Media

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How to Increase the Number of People Talking about Your Brand on Social Media – Coming up with a brand may not really be difficult, but making the brand known on social media may be a little bit cumbersome. In today’s business world, for a brand to be popular, it must be known by people on different social media platforms.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, many business owners have carved a niche on social media for their brands. Social media is a modern platform to drive traffic to a site and a means of interacting with both old and new friends.

Although social media platforms are easy to navigate: one can easily create an account and post his/her brand, making the brand popular is somewhat trickier which requires some basic skill to be successful in managing and making the brand popular.

Many social media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are regularly changing trends, therefore, engagement which is the core value of social media is difficult to chase.

However, despite the dynamic nature of social media, following these guides will help you to increase the number of people talking about your brand online. This will make your brand more popular and it will drive more attention to your brand. Once your brand is popular on social media, it will attract more followers, more reactions, comments and other forms of engagement. For business brands, this simply means more sales.

Different Engagements perform by social media Users

There are some levels of engagement performed by social media users. Social media engagement simply means how people react to your post or how they interact with your post. Engagement includes likes, comments, views, shares or retweets and sending a private message.

Any of these reactions shows how your post is seen by people. If your post does not attract any of these reactions, it simply means your friends, followers and other social media users who came in contact with the post have no interest in the post.

Analysis of Different Social Media Reactions

This is the simplest reaction to a post. For someone to like a post may not necessarily mean that the person has read the post. At least, it is good for your post to attract many likes. Likes do count towards the algorithm. For a brand to grow faster, its posts must have good content, attractive image and must be concise to catch the attention of people beyond likes.


Commenting on social media posts suggests that the commentator must have read the post, before having something to contribute. Brand must strive for good comment as it counts towards the algorithm.

Retweets and Shares:

Retweet is Synonymous to Twitter while shares is used by Facebook, LinkIn, Insta etc. Retweeting or sharing a post suggests that the sharer has read the post and found it interesting to share with friends or to the general public.

Direct Message:

This is the highest of all reactions. For one to read your post and message you in private means a lot. Although private reactions may be positive or negative, positive reactions promote the integrity of a brand. To get a direct message from followers means your message has touched people and your brand is known on social media

What to do in order to Increase the number of People Talking about Your Brand Online


Be Current with the Latest Update

Social media mode of operation is very dynamic in nature. In order to Increase the number of People Talking about Your Brand Online and to sustain your growth on social media, you must follow regular updates of different social media platforms.

Get updates from these platforms and get acquainted with how modern features functions. For instance, Facebook is adding new features almost every day. Know it works and utilize it to promote your brand. If you are not following the latest trend, what you do today to succeed may drop down your followers tomorrow.

Create Good Content

In social media, good content drives traffic. Your content must be innovative and unique to attract readers. There are so many contents competing for attention on social media, your ability to create good contents that stand unique will attract more readers.

One key element of getting attention from people online is to understand the demographics of your followers. Research will help you to understand what your audience is interested in. Image and graphics are part of the content. If possible, use more pictures to attract readers. Another simple method to entice readers by using quiz, asking questions and responding to answers.

Sometimes try to be Funny

Most times, people come to social media for entertainment. Try to post comical contents just for entertainment. Try to respond to global trends in a humorous manner to soften people’s temperament. Try and use memes, GIFs and other funny pictures to entertain your followers. This has worked for many brands who deviate a little from their usual contents to create a comic relief for their followers.

Try and work with Brands and Influencers

Try and work with other brands and Influencers. If you can pay top influencers to also talk about your brand. Interact with brands and influencers related to your brand. Partnering with other influencers helps you to reach more people. It is another good opportunity to have great content that appeals to a diverse audience. Work with brands to create campaigns and reach out to many people.

Try other Social Media Platforms

Try and explore other social media platforms away from the one you know. For instance, if you are using Facebook, try and use Instagram or Twitter. To build a good social media presence for your brand, you must use more social media platforms. Each platform has different features. Some are easier to navigate than others. The most important thing is that each social media has its unique advantage.


To Increase the number of People Talking about your brand on social media stick to these steps and have a positive result. Be Current with Update, Create Good Content, sometimes try being Funny, work with Brands/Influencers, Try other Social Media Platforms,

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How do I get more people to discuss my brand?

Do a good job, build trust, let clients trust your brand, have a good social media handle, use feedback to measure your effort. Also, as for feedback, generate referrals.

How do I Increase the number of People Talking about my brand on social media?

Try and remain Current with the Latest Update, Create Good Content, sometimes be Funny, work with Brands/Influencers, Try other Social Media.