How to Become Eligible for and Use the Facebook Marketplace

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How to Become Eligible for and Use the Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace has a lot of promise. Find out how to become eligible and get important tips on how to buy and sell easily on the site.

What do you know about Facebook’s free-market culture? Assume you are unfamiliar with this Facebook feature or that you are familiar with it but are having trouble using it. In that case, this article will demonstrate how to navigate and utilize the Facebook marketplace. The only information you need to know about this Facebook group is how to become certified to operate it.

Numerous entrepreneurs are on the lookout for a way or channel to sell or buy goods via social media. The Facebook marketplace is just what you need, and it can help your business stand out on the social network. However, what is the Facebook marketplace exactly? I’ll explain so that you have a better understanding.

How to Become Eligible for and Use the Facebook Marketplace
How to Become Eligible for and Use the Facebook Marketplace


The Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a Facebook application that enables you to easily trade products and services. In other words, this website allows you to buy and sell. You’ll see incredible items for sale. As a customer, you can sell any product on the website, list goods or objects, and access exclusive sales directly through Facebook. As you can see, Facebook is not only for communication; it is also used for business.

How to Become Eligible to Use the Facebook Marketplace

To be eligible to use the Facebook free marketplace community, you must be a registered user who is at least 18 years old. Then will you be able to access the Facebook community’s free marketplace? Additionally, if you are not currently a user but wish to become one, you should read the steps below;

To begin, connect to the internet and navigate to

Then select sign up or create a new account from the drop-down menu.

You’ll be prompted to enter some information, including your name, gender, phone number or email address, and date of birth.

Once you’ve completed it correctly, click on sign up.

You will receive an email or text message containing a code.

You must enter the code sent to you in the confirmation box; once complete, click on continue.

If you follow these steps carefully and successfully, you will be registered as a user on Facebook.

How to Make the Most of the Facebook Marketplace

The following describes how to utilize the Facebook marketplace:

  • Visit the Facebook website.
  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • Then, at the top of the Facebook page, you’ll notice an icon for the store.
  • To access the store, click on the icon.
  • Then include images or photographs of your sale items.
  • Then enter the product’s title.
  • Additionally, include a brief description of the product.
  • After that, create a category for the product.

How to Pay Wisely on the Facebook Marketplace

  • Here is a clever method for you to pay on the Facebook marketplace platform;
  • Ensure that all transactions are made with a credit card.
  • Additionally, stay away from transactions that do not involve local buyers or sellers.
  • Always conduct a background check on the buyer or seller.
  • Ensure that you inspect prior to making payment.
  • Meet or arrange a meeting with the buyer or seller in a public place on a consistent basis.

When you keep this in mind, you will be able to make a secure and reliable payment.

FAQs on How to Become Eligible for and Use the Facebook Marketplace

1. What is Facebook Marketplace? Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace within the Facebook platform where users can buy, sell, or browse items in their local community or beyond. It’s similar to classified ads but offers a more integrated and user-friendly experience.

2. How do I become eligible to use Facebook Marketplace? To become eligible:

  • Have an active Facebook account that’s been in use for a significant amount of time.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Access Facebook through the latest version of the app or from a desktop.
  • In some regions or for certain users, you may need to have a certain number of friends or connections.
  • Not have violations or restrictions related to Marketplace usage in the past.

3. Why can’t I see the Marketplace icon on my Facebook? The availability of the Marketplace icon can depend on several factors:

  • Your geographical location (Marketplace isn’t available everywhere).
  • The age of your Facebook account.
  • Your account standing (violations or restrictions).
  • Whether you’re using the latest version of the Facebook app or browser.

4. How can I start selling on Facebook Marketplace? To sell an item:

  • Click on the Marketplace icon.
  • Select “Sell” or “Sell Something”.
  • Fill in the details about the item (photos, description, price).
  • Click “Post”.
  • Respond to buyer inquiries and complete the sale.

5. Is it free to list items on Facebook Marketplace? Yes, listing items on the Marketplace is free for individual sellers. However, if you run ads to promote your listings, there may be costs associated.

6. Can businesses use Facebook Marketplace? Yes, businesses can use Marketplace to reach local customers and sell directly on Facebook. They can also run ads to boost their listings.

7. How can I ensure safety when buying or selling on Facebook Marketplace? Here are some safety tips:

  • Meet buyers/sellers in public places.
  • Avoid sharing personal information like your home address.
  • Use secure payment methods and avoid wiring money.
  • Verify the item’s condition and authenticity before purchase.
  • Trust your instincts; if a deal seems too good to be true, it might be.

8. How do I report an issue or a scam on Facebook Marketplace? You can report individual listings or users directly from the Marketplace by clicking on the item or user profile and selecting “Report”.

9. Can I access Facebook Marketplace from my desktop? Yes, you can access Facebook Marketplace from a desktop browser by visiting Facebook and clicking on the Marketplace icon on the left-hand menu.

10. Is there a separate app for Facebook Marketplace? No, the Marketplace is integrated within the main Facebook app. You don’t need a separate app to access or use it.

11. How does Facebook handle disputes on Marketplace? Facebook doesn’t actively mediate disputes between buyers and sellers. It’s up to the individuals to resolve any issues. However, you can report problematic users or listings, and Facebook may take actions based on their policies.

Remember, always keep safety in mind when buying or selling on any online platform and ensure that you adhere to Facebook’s guidelines and policies for a smooth Marketplace experience.

4 thoughts on “How to Become Eligible for and Use the Facebook Marketplace”

  1. My marketplace has a 4 rating. I have not sold in 3 yrs. Reason was due to description not clear or something in that line. I worked on ebay for many yrs and not while i worked on marketplace, it was yrs before that.I had high ratings. I had a store . I described my items very clearly. I will admit on some picture they may of been somewhat blurry due to tremmors on my hands, i explained that and if they had a problem i would try to do it more clearly. I was hoping that that would come off since i have not used it and it was not right. Plus i was a cosmetologist owner operator for more than 33 yrs. I had 8 girls working for me sold product and ran a profitable business for many yrs with same customers. I would like to start selling again and with your help have that rating taken off. Thank you

    • Thank you for reaching out and sharing your background with us. I understand your concerns regarding the rating on Facebook marketplace and your dedication to ensuring clear and honest descriptions of the items you sell. Having such a rich history of running a successful business, especially with your experience on eBay and as a cosmetologist owner-operator, is commendable.

      Please understand that while I do not have the capability to alter ratings on external platforms such as Facebook, I can offer advice on how you might approach this situation:

      Reach Out to Facebook Support: Start by reaching out to Facebook’s customer support or help center to explain your situation. They might be able to guide you on what can be done about the rating or offer clarity on how ratings are determined and if they can be updated after a certain period.

      Start Fresh with New Listings: As you start selling again, ensure that your new listings are clear, detailed, and include the best possible photos you can take. Even if some images might be blurry due to tremors, as long as you’re transparent about it and offer to provide further clarity upon request, potential buyers will likely appreciate your honesty.

      Engage with Your Customers: As you make sales, encourage your buyers to leave positive feedback if they’re satisfied with their purchase. Over time, this will help improve your overall rating.

      Transparency: Consider adding a note in your profile or listings about your previous experiences and dedication to customer service. Sharing your extensive background in business and your commitment to clear communication can help set potential buyers at ease.

      Consider Other Platforms: While Facebook Marketplace is a popular platform, there are other online marketplaces where you might have a fresh start or can leverage your high ratings from eBay.

      Remember, every platform has its nuances and challenges. Your history of success in business is a testament to your dedication and professionalism. With persistence and transparency, I believe you’ll be able to rebuild trust with your customers on any platform.

      Best of luck with your selling endeavors!

  2. Add to above i am able to get and buy from marketplace from my notebook but cannot get access to marketplace from my cell phone. Can you explain that to me?? please. Thank you

    • If you’re able to access the Facebook Marketplace from your notebook but not from your cell phone, there could be a few reasons for this discrepancy:

      Version of the Facebook App: If you’re using the Facebook app on your phone, make sure it’s the latest version. Sometimes, features are not available or have issues on older versions of apps. Update the Facebook app from your phone’s app store if necessary.

      Device Restrictions: Some older smartphones or specific models might not support all features of the Facebook app. Ensure your device is relatively modern and updated.

      Regional Restrictions: Facebook Marketplace is not available everywhere. Even if you can access it on one device, geo-restrictions might come into play on a mobile device, especially if you’re using cellular data. Ensure you’re in a region where the Marketplace is available.

      Account Restrictions: If your Facebook account has any limitations or you’ve recently created it, you might not have full access to Marketplace. These limitations could show up differently across devices.

      App Cache or Data Issues: Corrupt cache or data might prevent some features of the app from functioning correctly. Try clearing the cache and data of the Facebook app on your phone (but note that you’ll have to log in again and some app preferences might get reset).

      Facebook App Permissions: On some phones, apps need explicit permissions to access certain features. Ensure the Facebook app has all the necessary permissions enabled in your phone settings.

      Browser vs. App: If you’re using a browser on your notebook and the Facebook app on your cell phone, there might be differences in how the platform functions. Try accessing Facebook Marketplace through a browser on your phone as a workaround.

      Facebook’s Algorithms: Facebook sometimes rolls out features to users gradually or tests them with specific user groups. It’s possible for one device to have access while another doesn’t due to these controlled rollouts or tests.

      To troubleshoot:

      – Start by updating your Facebook app to the latest version.
      – Check if there are any notifications or alerts from Facebook regarding Marketplace access on your account.
      – Clear the cache and data of your Facebook app (if you feel comfortable doing so).
      – Try accessing Facebook via a browser on your cell phone.
      If you’ve tried these steps and still can’t access Marketplace on your phone, it might be worth reaching out to Facebook’s support for more specific assistance.


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