Facebook Dating not Working? How to Rectify It

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Is your Facebook dating not working? Find out how to solve Facebook dating issues and glitches in this article. Facebook dating is an interesting function that gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with a new set of friends, probably to begin a long lasting relationship. You have the opportunity of connecting with various individuals around the globe.

How to Solve Facebook Dating not Working

The issue of Facebook dating website malfunctioning has become one of the recent complaints from various users of the Facebook platform. The malfunction can be frustrating especially if you began dating someone and in the middle of everything, the platform stops functioning.

It could vary based on different gadgets such as android, desktop, or iPhone. You may also experience the platform not showing up on your New Account, or it was unavailable at the moment. All these are challenges that users of the Facebook dating app face sometimes.

A woman reacting angrily to something on her phone. This expreses Facebook Dating not Working

How to rectify these issues varies based on the causes. For example, if the Facebook dating function is not available in your region, the only way you can give a solution to it is to find yourself in a favorable location.

That was just one issue.

While using Facebook Dating to establish a relationship, here are ways they malfunction and how you can give solutions to them.

How to Rectify Facebook Dating Issues

The Facebook dating app can stop working because of various issues. It could be from the Facebook website, your gadget, your location, or the quality of the internet connection you are using.

Whatever the cause there are solutions to rectify the issue. You can try using your phone after restarting it. If it fails, you can try other solutions that are suitable for the situation.

Let’s look at four ways Facebook Dating can stop working and ways to handle it.


1. How to Rectify Facebook Dating not Working on Android


Sometimes the Facebook app or website may experience a cyber-crash which may lead to the dating platform malfunctioning. It may keep loading for a long time even with a steady network connection and when it finally comes up you may see an error pop-up.

Anytime the challenge comes up, you won’t have access to your photos, messages, and even Facebook pop-up notifications. Anytime you are faced with this kind of challenge, the only thing to do is to be patient while waiting for the app server to come up.

Fluctuation of the internet connection may be the cause for the social dating function not responding. Sometimes it may be a result of your current location so when you experience an unsteady or fluctuation in internet service you can contact your network provider or change location.

2. How to Rectify Facebook Dating not Working on iPhone

When you notice Facebook dating services are malfunctioning on your iPhone gadget, you may have an error, lack of steady internet service, error from the Facebook server, and others. If after checking out and solving the malfunction, it is still unresponsive, you have to restart your gadget.

An out-of-date version of the dating platform may also be the reason for the website not responding. You could encounter some difficulties trying to access the dating service if you are using an outdated version.

The solution to this problem is to run and access the most recent version of the dating application. With the newer version in use, you have access to newer and upgraded updates and features.

3. How to Solve Facebook Dating App Crashing

If your Facebook dating platform is crashing frequently, you have to reboot your gadget which may help to rectify the problem. Reboot the gadget to see if the issue is resolved, but if it is not resolved you will have to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

Android users can download and reinstall the app from the google play store while iPhone users can do the same from the Apple App store. If at this point, the website is still crashing, you will have to contact Facebook technical support team.

4. How to Solve the Issue Of Facebook Dating not Showing Up on Other Devices

If it doesn’t appear on your smartphone or tablet, you may need to update it to the newest version. If you can’t keep to the current edition you may need to activate automatic information on your mobile gadget. When the automation update is on, it will update it and other mobile apps anytime a newer version is available.

Another reason for the challenge may be a result of the unavailability of the functionality in some regions and countries. When you are in a country where it is not allowed, you won’t have access to it until it is made available in your country.

The Facebook dating platform is only available for people that are up to 18 years of age and beyond. Any person below the given age will not have permission to use and access the social website. If you are under the recommended age you have to wait until you are up to 18 years of age to have access to the service.

How do I reset The Facebook Dating App?

  • Accessing your account is the first step in the reset process.
  • Head over to the app menu on the first page that appears after logging in.
  • Look for dating and select it, then open the three dots where you can find it.
  • Select “View Your Profile” which is close to your name.
  • Then you will see a half-love sign on the top right-hand side of the page.
  • Click on it and wait for a few minutes or seconds depending on your network strength for the reset to take place

Does Facebook still have A Dating platform in 2023?

Yes, it still exists. All you have to do is to create an account  on Facebook or if you have one already you log into it and you begin to connect with your soulmate and make friends with amazing people within your region.


How do I get Facebook Dating to work?

To make it work you need to ensure the website is accessible on your gadget. Tap on the three horizontal lines that appear on your profile page. Go to All Shortcut, search for the date, and hit on the button. Again, hit on the “get started” option to reveal instructions that will guide you to set up your Facebook dating profile.


And there you have it! Four easy solutions to use to rectify Facebook Dating issues you might encounter when using the application on any device. If you are encountering a Facebook dating issue that wasn’t addressed here do let us know in the comment section below so that we can provide a solution for you. You should also contact Facebook Technical Support team for assistance. Thank you for reading.